CDM Co-ordinator Services – South Tyne and Wear Waste Management Partnership


January 2012 – June 2014

Project Overview

The South Tyne and Wear Waste Management Partnership is a PFI scheme led by SITA to develop and provide waste management facilities for the next 25 years on behalf of Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland Councils.

The project includes the redevelopment of three sites and involves a wide range of different site activities and disciplines, including asbestos removal, demolition, refurbishment and new build works.

Delivering CDM Co-ordinator services

Steel River Consultants were appointed by SITA to undertake the role of CDM Co-ordinator on behalf of South Tyne and Wear Waste Management Partnership.

The role has included liaison and review across all design disciplines involving architectural, civils, structural, mechanical and electrical packages to ensure appropriate account has been taken of health and safety aspects in construction, operation, maintenance and future demolition.

A detailed review of existing available site information early on in the process identified the need for the procurement of extensive site surveys and investigation to fill gaps in available information in order to fulfil CDM obligations for the collation of preconstruction information and to facilitate the design and construction methodologies.

Design reviews have been facilitated with both operational and client teams to ensure end-user requirements are satisfied within the design and lessons learned from current and previous experiences are applied to improve operational issues.

As the works are to be undertaken on operational facilities, this has required detailed co-ordination between all parties to develop effective site segregation and phasing methodologies to ensure operational and construction activities could proceed safely and concurrently with minimal disruption.

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