CDM Co-ordinator and Site Safety Manager – Pulverised Coal Ash Injection Plant

Siemens Plc. 

November 2011- March 2013

Project Overview

SSI has recently re-commissioned a blast furnace and a new coal preparation and injection process requires design and installation. Siemens Plc is Designer and Principal Contractor.

Delivering CDM Co-ordinator and Site Safety Management

Steel River Consultants provided CDMC and Site Safety Management services to support Siemens in providing new coal handling and storage, coal preparation, heating and drying, and injection facilities. Steel River Consultants’ support has included:

  • Establishment and development of project CDM risk register.
  • Input into technical safety review process, e.g. HAZOP, ATEX, COMAH requirements.
  • Preparation and development of a construction phase Health and Safety plan and site procedures.
  • Regular liaison with existing SSI site operations.

This is a challenging project which is being undertaken on a tight programme at a live steelworks site environment operating under top tier COMAH regulations; Steel River Consultants are successfully overseeing the delivery of a safe and successful project.

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